Application of fiberglass geogrid in four road problems

Fiberglass geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic material for reinforcing roadbed and soft soil. It has high tensile strength and low elongation in warp and weft directions, and has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low cold resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Fiberglass geogrid is a semi-rigid product made of mesh base material through advanced warp knitting process and surface coating treatment.

It is widely used in the strengthening of asphalt pavement, cement pavement and roadbed, railway subgrade, dam slope protection, airport runway, sand control and other engineering projects. Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of light-weight, flexible flat mesh material, which is easy to cut and connect on site, and can also be overlapped. The construction is simple and does not require special construction machinery and professional technicians. Fiberglass geogrid is very convenient to use in engineering.


1. Slow down reflection cracks

Problem: the reflection crack is caused by the stress concentration in the upper asphalt overlay caused by the large displacement of the old concrete surface near the joint or crack. It includes the horizontal displacement caused by the change of temperature and humidity and the vertical shear displacement caused by traffic load. The former causes more concentrated tensile stress in the asphalt overlay above the joint or crack; The latter makes the asphalt overlay above the joint subject to large bending tensile stress and shear stress.

Action principle: due to the large tensile resistance of glass fiber grid, up to 67gpa, it is applied in the asphalt overlay as a hard interlayer with high stiffness. Its function is to inhibit stress and release strain. At the same time, it is used as the reinforcing material of asphalt concrete to improve the tensile and shear capacity of the overlay structure, so as to reduce cracks.

fiberglass geogrid

2.Fatigue cracking resistance

Problems: after asphalt paving on the old asphalt concrete pavement, the asphalt overlay will bear the load together with the old asphalt concrete pavement. Therefore, asphalt overlay on asphalt concrete pavement will not only appear reflection cracks, but also fatigue cracks due to the long-term action of load.
Action principle: glass fiber grid can disperse the above compressive stress and tensile stress in the asphalt overlay, and form a buffer zone between the two stress areas. Here, the stress changes gradually rather than suddenly, reducing the damage of stress mutation to the asphalt overlay. At the same time, the low elongation of glass fiber grid reduces the deflection of the pavement and ensures that the pavement will not have transition deformation.

Fatigue cracking resistance

3.Rutting & Shoving resistance

Problems: asphalt concrete has rheology at high temperature, which is embodied in: the asphalt road surface is soft and sticky in summer; Under the action of vehicle load, the stress area is sunken. After the vehicle load is removed, the asphalt surface cannot be completely restored to the condition before the load, that is, plastic deformation occurs; Under the action of repeated rolling of vehicles, plastic deformation accumulates and ruts are formed.
Action principle: glass fiber grid is used in the asphalt overlay, which plays a skeleton role in the asphalt overlay. The aggregate in the asphalt concrete runs through the grid to form a composite mechanical interlocking system, which limits the movement of the aggregate, increases the transverse binding force in the asphalt overlay, and all parts of the asphalt surface are restrained from each other to prevent the movement of the asphalt surface, so as to resist rutting.

Rutting & Shoving resistance

4.Resistant to low temperature shrinkage cracking

The problem appears: for asphalt roads in severe cold areas, the surface temperature in winter is close to the air temperature. Under such temperature conditions, the asphalt concrete shrinks when cold and produces tensile stress. When the tensile stress exceeds the tensile strength of asphalt concrete, cracks will occur, and cracks will occur at the place where the cracks are concentrated, forming diseases. From the cause of crack, how to make the strength of asphalt concrete resist tensile stress is the key to solve the problem.
Action principle: the application of glass grid paving fabric in asphalt overlay greatly improves the tensile strength of asphalt concrete and can resist large tensile stress without damage. In addition, even if the stress at the place where the crack occurs is too concentrated due to the crack in the local area, it will gradually disappear through the transmission of glass fiber grid, and the crack will no longer develop into a crack. When selecting glass fiber grating, in addition to its performance indexes meeting the provisions of the above table, special attention shall be paid to ensure that its width is not less than 1.5m, so as to ensure that it has sufficient cross-sectional area to fully dissipate the crack energy when it is used as the interlayer to control the reflection crack; At the same time, the mesh size should be 0.5 ~ 1.0 times of the maximum particle size of the asphalt surface material on it, which will help to achieve the best shear adhesive viscosity and promote aggregate interlocking and restriction.

Glass fiber Geogrid Applications:

1. Old asphalt pavement, reinforced asphalt surface with Fiberglass geogrid.
2. Cement pavement is reconstructed into composite pavement to restrain reflection cracks caused by plate shrinkage.
3. Road expansion and reconstruction project to prevent cracks caused by new and old joint and uneven settlement.
4. Reinforcement treatment of soft soil foundation can effectively inhibit settlement, uniform stress distribution and enhance the overall strength of subgrade.
5. Newly built roads shall be reinforced to prevent pavement cracks caused by reflection of foundation cracks

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