pvc pond liner,HDPE pond liner ,EPDM pond liner. Comparison of three kinds of pond linings

The impervious membrane of pond shall meet the following three conditions:

First, pond liner will not affect the health of fish.
Second, pond liner material should be resistant to aging and strong UV resistance, because ponds are generally exposed outdoors directly in the natural environment.
Third, pond liner should have good ductility and elongation to adapt to the irregular settlement of pond ground and strong water pressure.

Advantages of laying impermeable membrane:

The pond liner can protect the pond slope and maintain the pond water capacity. At the same time, it can enhance the control of water quality and control the oxygen content. The laying and installation is relatively fast, which can reduce the pumping cost.

What are the differences among PVC pond liner, HDPE pond liner and EPDM pond liners?

The following will be compared in terms of pond liner thickness, size, soft hardness, price, etc.
Thickness: the thickness range of PVC liner is 0.3mm to 1.5mm, the thickness range of HDPE liner is 0.01mm to 3mm, and the thickness range of EPDM liner is 0.5mm to 2mm
Size: the width range of PVC liner is 1m to 5m, the width range of HDPE liner is 0.1M to 10m, and the thickness range of EPDM liner is 1m to 6m
Soft hardness: PVC film is the softest, followed by EPDM, and HDPE is relatively hard
Please refer to the following video:

Price: EPDM is the most expensive, followed by PVC, and HDPE is relatively cheap (the price may change due to the influence of raw materials)

Which type of pond lining is best?

What is suitable is the best. It needs to be determined in combination with the flatness of the pond, local UV intensity, temperature and project budget.

What thickness of pond lining do I need?

As the bottom of the tank has been treated, there is no large earth block and stone sharpening. It is recommended to select a thickness of more than 0.3mm. If the engineering requirements are higher, try to select a thicker geomembrane.If the environment is complex, it needs geotextile or GCL to be used together, and the effect is better.

How long does pond lining last?

A certain proportion of anti ultraviolet and antioxidant are added to the raw materials during production. It has a certain inhibitory effect on ultraviolet and oxidation, and can increase the service life of impervious membrane.The service life of pond liner is 7-10 years in sunlight and 30-50 years in dark environment.


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