Why lay a honeycomb geocell for gravel driveway?

The construction of Expressway is not only an inevitable development trend, but also a national task that must be completed. Under such a premise, how can we build expressways quickly and stably? Naturally, it has become a problem that every construction team needs to pay attention to. Any material or method that can provide help for the construction of expressway will also be popularized. HDPE Geocell gradually appears on the road construction sites of major expressways under this background.
With the help of geocell, the infrastructure and speed of Expressway have been greatly improved. Moreover, in terms of quality, the road built with the help of geocell for gravel driveway is completely different from the road built in the traditional way. When the car continues to pass through the road, there are few cracks, cracks and other phenomena.

geocell for gravel driveway

In the traditional road construction, people have been used to laying cement and gravel materials on the ground, and then paving asphalt and other materials after being flattened by roller.
The road paved by this method does not have enough durability. Once a car exceeding the load-bearing capacity of the road passes by, the road is bound to be crushed, and the road surface may also have some problems.

geocell road

1. Honeycomb geocell can be stretched and folded freely during transportation. During construction, it can be stretched into a network and filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel and concrete to form a structure with strong lateral strength and high stiffness.
2. Light material, wear resistance, stable chemical properties, light and oxygen resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert conditions.
3. It has good lateral performance, skid resistance and deformation resistance, and can enhance the bearing capacity of the subgrade and disperse the load.
4. Changing geometric dimensions such as geocell and welding distance can meet different engineering needs.
5. Flexible expansion, small transportation volume, convenient connection and fast construction speed

geocell road construction

Moreover, although geocell is now often used in relatively flat pavement sections, it also has excellent performance even in some anti-skid and erosion control projects, which can effectively enhance the foundation bearing capacity of subgrade. geocell for gravel driveway is also required for railway subgrade? The scientists conducted relevant experiments, and the final experimental results proved that the stability provided by the geocell is enough to support the operation of the railway and prolong the service life of the project.


When paving the pavement with reinforced geocell, it is necessary to ensure that the pavement is flat and thoroughly clean the paved pavement. The main reason for this step is to ensure that the force dispersion is complete and uniform.
Assuming that there is a bulge or depression in the layer laid in the geocell, the geocell will be subjected to uneven stress. Originally, the scattered force of each supporting surface will eventually be concentrated in a separate geocell, which will inevitably cause a chain reaction. Like dominoes, the whole road structure began to collapse gradually.
In addition, when using geocell, we should try our best to ensure the integrity of our own geocell. One or two gaps may not have much impact, and geocells in other locations can share the force that this part of the missing geocell needs to bear. If the construction area of the grid is large, the construction team must use the new grid to build the road.


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