Although woven polyester geogrid has many advantages, these problems still need attention

The woven polyester geogrid is a new type of high-quality geosynthetics material to strengthen the roadbed. High-strength polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber is used as raw material, and the woven directional structure is adopted. The warp and weft yarns in the fabric are not bent or intersected with each other. It is bound and combined with high-strength fiber filaments to form a firm joint, giving full play to its mechanical properties.

In order to strengthen roadbeds, dams, slopes, etc., and prevent them from being damaged by natural disasters such as floods, debris flows, collapses and earthquakes, geogrid fabrics have been widely used in the construction of highways, railways, bridges and other projects, and have achieved very good results. 

Due to its unique advantages, warp knitted polyester geogrid plays a vital role in many scenarios:
1. The woven polyester geogrid is used to reinforce the soft soil subgrade of various roads, such as highways, railways, municipal roads, etc., which can effectively improve the strength of the subgrade and delay the reflection cracks of the road.

2. The woven polyester geogrid is used in the reinforcement and isolation of dams and rivers in water conservancy projects, which can enhance its protection ability and improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

3. When there is a need for reinforcement of embankment slopes and retaining walls, the use of woven polyester geogrid reinforcement can enhance the overall strength.

4. The coated polyester geogrid can also be used for railway ballast protection: to prevent the loss of ballast caused by train vibration and wind and rain, and to improve the stability of the railway subgrade.

5. The coated polyester geogrid is used for reinforcement of railway retaining walls, such as platforms and cargo platforms in railway stations, which can prolong its service life and reduce maintenance costs;

6. Laying woven coated polyester geogrid under the abutment foundation can improve the bearing capacity, effectively prevent the subsidence of the abutment foundation, stabilize the abutment, and reduce the phenomenon of car jumping.woven

woven polyester geogrid

The mesh size of the knitted polyester geogrid is large, which not only has good water permeability, but also has a good interlocking force for the filler, which can ensure the stability of the entire structure. Coupled with the friction between the filler and the grille, the reinforcement goal of the project can be well achieved.

The key to its effective performance is that it needs to have good mechanical properties, especially high enough tensile strength and tear resistance. In order to determine the tensile properties of the woven knitted polyester geogrid, the corresponding type of tensile testing machine can be used for testing.

In a specific test, due to the width, length and cutting method of the sample, the applied pre-tension and the magnitude of the pulling force will have different degrees of influence on the test results, so the shape of the sample and the amount of pulling force used should conform to the corresponding standard specifications.

In addition, since all projects need to have a certain service life, in the application of warp knitted polyester geogrid, its durability should also be considered, and the specific performance can be determined through anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance and other aspects. test.

These tests directly affect the function and value of knitted geogrid in the entire structure, and can only play a real role if it meets the corresponding technical requirements, so these problems need to be paid attention to.

Due to the late appearance of woven polyester geogrid, its mechanism, test method and value standard are still being explored. In order to ensure that the woven polyester geogrid can fully play its due role, we In actual use, its detection should also be strengthened to test whether it can meet the relevant technical requirements in multiple directions, so as to ensure that its effectiveness is fully utilized.

Woven polyester geogrid specifications:

woven polyester geogrid

uniaxial polyester geogrid & biaxial polyester geogrid


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