Application of 20mil geomembrane in the Philippines

TINM is a professional geomembrane production and service team, which will recommend geomembranes suitable for engineering standards for customers according to different projects. It not only reduces the customer’s engineering budget, but also meets the engineering standards.
Geomembrane can be generally divided into three qualities according to standards: Anterprise standard geomembrane, GB geomembrane and ASTM geomembrane.
The enterprise standard geomembrane is produced from recycled materials, which may crack in 24 months when exposed to light, and can be used for about 5 years when protected from sunlight. Low price, with general waterproof function, which can be used in ordinary anti-seepage engineering;
The GB geomembrane is made of high quality recycled material and virgin material. The service life of the geomembrane is not seen in the sun for 10 years. The price is slightly higher, and has good tensile, low temperature and anti-aging ability. It is generally used for impervious works in cold areas and poor construction environment.
ASTM geomembrane is produced from brand-new materials, with a service life of 15 years. The product is of excellent quality and can meet American standards. The original HDPE particles and black color masterbatch particles are produced. Soft and flexible, non-toxic, tasteless, with good acid, alkali, corrosion, aging, low temperature, UV resistance, long service life, generally used in high impervious engineering, such as landfill site seepage control, tailings treatment site seepage control, slag field seepage control, solid waste disposal landfill, anti-seepage, fish ponds, shrimp ponds and so on.
Therefore, you can choose the geomembrane of appropriate quality according to the design requirements or the needs of your own project.

TINM received an inquiry about 20mil geomembrane from the customer. The customer’s engineering feature is that there is no sunlight, and the upper layer of 20mil geomembrane is protected by geotextile. The customer originally wanted to purchase 0.5mm geomembrane of composite gm13 standard, but now the sea freight and PE raw material prices have soared, and the price has exceeded the project budget. After studying the engineering drawings, the tinm team discussed that the GB geomembrane was fully suitable for the engineering requirements. Therefore, after obtaining the consent of the customer, we sent the free GB geomembrane samples to the customer. After the customer received the samples, the test results were very satisfactory, and then determined the order of GB geomembrane.

Specifications of 20mil GB geomembrane in the Philippines

  • Tensile Strength– 15KN/15KN
    • Each roll size – 5.8m*100m
    • Total quantity – 16200m2
0.5mm geomembrane


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