PET Woven Geotextile for road reinforcement project in Indonesia

The PET woven geotextile is made of high-strength and low-extension polyester filament fiber as raw material. It is manufactured by a special process. It is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, burst-resistant, and has high tensile strength. It is suitable for rivers, rivers, coastal seawall catchment areas, and harbors. Slope protection, beach protection and soft soil foundation treatment are extremely ideal new materials for modern water and soil engineering.

The polyester woven geotextile performance
   PET woven geotextile has the functions of isolation, filtration, drainage, protection, stability, reinforcement, etc. It can adapt to the uneven base layer, can resist the damage of construction external force, have small creep, and can still maintain the original function under long-term load.
The main purpose
high strength woven polyester geotextile is widely used in river, sea, lake, reservoir dyke projects and power plant ash dams, mine tailings dams, airports, railway foundations, highways, tunnels, municipal administration, environmental protection and other engineering fields.
The TINM team has always attached importance to the Indonesian market and has maintained close contact with Indonesian customers for a long time. Regarding the slope protection bidding project for a port in Indonesia, we worked closely with the customer, and finally the TINM team helped the customer get the order. According to the requirements, the customer needs 900KN/50KN polyester woven geotextile, and the elongation must be between 8% and 9%. After the TINM team studies the customer’s drawings and has long-term communication with the customer, the TINM team is confident to meet the customer’s requirements. After all the requirements, we mailed the samples to the customers, and the customers passed the test, and then we confirmed the order. And after all the goods are produced, we conduct a video inspection with the customer and watch the inspection process on the spot through a video call. The final inspection result is satisfactory to the customer. Now the customer is satisfied after receiving the goods and said that they will immediately determine the first Two PET woven geotextile orders.

PET Woven Geotextile for road reinforcement project in Indonesia
Total PET Woven Geotextile quantity – 126000 squares meters
PET Woven Geotextile Specifications – 900KN/50KN
Each roll size is 5.2m*100m


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