Composite strip drainage boards in drainage projects in Australia

The main function of the Composite strip drainage boards is drainage, waterproof combination, root puncture prevention and auxiliary waterproof function. The high strength of the drainage board ensures the drainage space, and the high density ensures the root puncture and waterproof and anti-seepage performance. The scientific high and low fulcrum The design also ensures that the upper filter geotextile never has to worry about the collapse of the soil, and there is no need to add additional geogrids to prevent collapse, which reduces the material cost, and also shortens the construction period and construction cost. In recent years, the drainage board has gradually replaced the traditional plastic drainage board as a cost-effective product in the field of construction engineering. It has been highly recognized by real estate companies and construction companies and has been widely used in construction projects around the world.
The TINM team cooperates with Australian customers to provide long drainage belts for the customer’s construction team. The customer’s project has been widely praised, and we have maintained a good cooperative relationship.
The picture below is a comparison of pictures of customer construction projects:

Drainage Board composite Geotextile,Composite strip drainage boards

composite drainage board

Strip drain installation


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