Drainage engineering of strip composite drainage board in Canada

The TINM team provides one-stop engineering solutions. The TINM team works with construction companies in Canada to provide the perfect strip composite drainage board product.

1 ,Formed polymeric core (rolled or folded) is provided according to customer requirements.

strip composite drainage board

The plastic(PET,HDPE,PVC) sheet is extruded to produce the shape of pits. These pits, the spatial structure has a certain height, which can resist long-term high pressure without deformation.

2 ,Filament geotextiles in custom sizes.

geotextile 1m

Filament geotextile has a very good filtering effect. Using this geotextile as a filter layer has the same effect as a graded sand and gravel filter layer. It can allow water to flow freely without pressure, but it can also prevent soil fine particles, so as to avoid cause blockage.

Drainage board products:

composite drainage board
composite drainage board

Engineering renderings::

composite drainage board


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