What are the specifications of geotextiles?

This article mainly introduces the classification, specifications and functions of commonly used geotextiles; geotextiles are multifunctional materials, which have the functions of reinforcement, protection, filtration, drainage, isolation, etc.; they are combined with HDPE geomembrane. Anti-seepage and waterproof function; known as the fourth largest new building material after steel, cement and wood.

What are the types of geotextiles?

Geotextiles are roughly divided into three types, namely woven geotextile, non-woven geotextile,  and composite geotextile

among the woven geotextiles can be subdivided into Polypropylene Woven Geotextile, Pet Woven Geotextile Fabric.

among the non woven geotextiles can be subdivided into Short Staple Needled Punched Geotextile Fabric,Filament Geotextile.


 composite geotextile refers to a geosynthetics product that is composed of two or more geosyntetics materials using different geosynthetics, such as geogird ,geomembrane.

What are the specifications of geotextiles?

Take non-woven geotextiles as an example; the mass per unit area ranges from 60g/㎡~1000g/㎡. The heavier the mass per square meter, the thicker the geotextiles. The corresponding indicators (such as breaking strength, bursting strength, etc. etc.) will be stronger; its width is generally 0.1m~8m, and the length can be customized according to requirements;

Corresponding relationship between thickness and unit weight:

Short Fiber Needled Punched Geotextile Fabric:

Weightg/m2100 150 200 250 300 350 400450500600800
 Weight Variation % -8 -8 -8 -8 -7 -7 -7 -7 -6 -6 -6
 Thickness mm 0.9 1.3 1.7 2.1 2.4 2.7 3 3.3 3.6 4.1 5

Filament Non Woven Geotextile:

WeightASTM D5261g/m2100150200250300350400450500600
ThicknessASTM D5199 mm 2.93.2

Note: Thickness and unit weight are not absolutely corresponding, and can be adjusted during the production process.

How long will geotextile last?

Under the conditions of correct use, the service life can reach more than 80 years. Experiments have shown that the strength of TINM geotextile materials is maintained at about 75% after being buried for 10 years.


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