What is the range of geomembrane width ? About the influence of length, size and thickness on the price of geomembrane

About geomembrane width:

Geomembrane roll widths range from 0.2m to 13m.
The maximum geomembrane width of the 0.2mm-0.5mm HDPE geomembrane can reach 13m because it can be folded.
The maximum width of 0.5mm-3mm geomembrane is 8m.
Different geomembranes have different width limits, for example:
The width limit of the geomembrane for the blown geomembrane is 13m.
The width limit of the geomembrane for the extrusion geomembrane is 8m.

Geomembranes with small widths can also be used as root barriers

The length is relatively large, and the geomembrane with a thickness of less than 0.5mm is often folded

Folding roll of Geomembrane

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Reducing the width of the geomembrane can facilitate transportation and loading and unloading.

Increasing the geomembrane width can reduce the number of welds and increase the quality of the project.

So please customize the geomembrane width according to specific requirements

About the length of the geomembrane:

The length can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, but it is generally not recommended that the length of each roll is too large, and the weight of each roll may be too large, which may affect loading and unloading.

About the thickness of the geomembrane:

The thickness of the pond liner geomembrane is generally between 0.2mm and 3mm, and different projects need to use geomembrane sheet of different thicknesses.

The thickness and width of the geomembrane will affect the price, please contact TINM team China for the specific price.


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