What is drain board?

The plastic drain board is divided into two series: drain roll and drain boards. The plastic membrane is pressed out of the closed raised column to form a concave-convex membrane, which has a three-dimensional space and a certain supporting height. The top of the shell is covered with a geonet geotextile filter layer, which is used for water seepage and hydrophobicity.  drainage and storage geosynthetics products.

What is Drainboard used for?

Greening project: garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, sloping roof greening, football field, golf course.
Municipal project: airport, road subgrade, subway, tunnel, landfill.
Construction project: the upper or lower layer of the building foundation, the indoor and outdoor walls and bottom plates of the basement, as well as the roof, roof anti-seepage and heat insulation layer, etc.
Water conservancy projects: anti-seepage water in reservoirs, reservoirs, and artificial lakes.
Traffic project: road, railway subgrade, embankment and slope protection

Types of drain boards:

Drainage boards can be divided into drainage roll, storage drainage boards and drainage cell.


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