What are the types of geogrids?

There are three main types of geogrids: stretched, warp knitted and welded.

Stetched Geogrid, including Uniaxial geogrid, Biaxial geogrid, Triaxial geogrid,. They are used for soil reinforcement and pavement.This plastic geogrid has good tensile strength and acid and alkali resistance, as well as strong resistance to biodegradation. reinforcement.

Welded geogrid include PP welded geogrid and steel-plastic geogrids, is formed by linking two or more strip units at a certain distance by welding. The strip is composed of polyester material, which is covered with a PE protective layer.

PP welded geogrid
steel-plastic geogrids

Warp-knitted geogrids contain polyester geogrid and glass geogrids, and are composed of synthetic fibers, which can also be covered with a protective layer. Such grids exhibit high tensile strength at low elongation.


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