What are the advantages of pp geotextile non woven?

PP geotextile non woven geotextile adopts advanced spinning technology. The fiber fineness of the geotextile can reach 14D, and the monofilament strength can reach more than 3.5g/d, which is called high-strength fiber. After acupuncture consolidation, a stable three-dimensional void structure can be formed. Therefore, high-strength coarse denier polypropylene filament needles have excellent water permeability.
It is an excellent geosynthetic material. Therefore, it is widely used in airport runways, highway projects, railway projects and tunnels, water conservancy projects, road projects, landfills, ecological slopes and other projects.

PP geotextile non woven Technical advantages:

High strength.

Polypropylene filament needle-punched geotextile adopts advanced acupuncture technology to form a special Three-dimensional structure, showing excellent tensile, tear resistance, puncture resistance and other properties;
The tensile strength of polypropylene filament needle punched geotextile is much higher than that of polyester geotextile

Acid and alkali resistant.

It has little effect on performance in the range of pH 2 to 13. It can be mixed with alkaline materials such as cement, fly ash, lime and other alkaline materials for long-term contact. It can still maintain stable performance in complex use environments such as landfills and solid waste. Landfill and saline soils, not hydrolyzed

 Changes of PET fibers in PH12 environment after 8 months

3D structure and anti-sludge.

The range of monofilament fineness is 4D-11D, which is 2-3 times that of polyester geotextile fibers,
It can form a stable and uniform three-dimensional pore structure, with excellent water permeability and good silt resistance.

The picture shows the comparison of fiber fineness between polypropylene filament needle-punched geotextile and ordinary polyester needle-punched geotextile (left is polypropylene)

Excellent weatherability.

According to the experiments of the National Frozen Soil Laboratory, alpine permafrost and high temperature and high humidity climatic environment have little effect on the performance of polypropylene filament geotextile.

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