Is the tree planting bag durable? How long is the life span?

Regarding the life of a tree planting bag, there are several years, mainly depending on the material. The material of filament and short filament has a great impact on its life. For example, short filament has less binding force than filament, so the life is short. The life span of the tree planting bag also depends on the thickness of the material. The material of the tree planting bag varies according to the size, so not all the bags have to use the same thickness of material. Small tree planting bags use thin materials. If you spend longer in the ground, you can choose short yarn or thin bags. If you want a longer time, use filament or thicker bags. In short, the size of the seedlings, the thickness and thinness of the bags, and the long time in the ground And the short depends on your own choice. For common seedlings below 1 cm, you can use 25*20 earless tree planting bags, and about 1 cm, you can use 30*25 tree planting bags. These can be made of short silk materials. The basis for seedlings above 1 cm Preliminary materials, such as 40*35 tree planting bags for 4 cm, and 50*40 tree planting bags for 5 cm. The seedlings planted by the growers are for sale, some are for sale as small seedlings, and some are for sale when they grow to a certain thickness. The lifespan of the tree planting bags used is also different. For example, some are for transplantation and will be sold in March or February, so you can use short-filament thin materials, and some need to be planted in the ground for a few years and choose materials with a longer life span. bag.


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