Pourquoi le géotextile est utilisé dans la construction de routes ?

Geotextile have the function of strengthening and isolating and protecting the foundation. The permeability coefficient of geo fabric such as geotextiles is equivalent to that of coarse and medium sand. If it is not blocked, the function of each section of capillary can be maintained. On the other hand, the hydrophilicity ratio of geosynthetics Soil is less hydrophilic, More applicable to some projects. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that geotextiles can play a major role in strengthening the foundation.

The application of geotextile can greatly enhance the stability of the  civil engineering. According to the construction experience of geotextile manufacturers to reinforce roadbed, in addition to meeting the requirements of infiltration, a layer of thin sand, generally 8-9CM thickness, can be laid on the geotextile to obtain more satisfactory results. If it is used in road foundation reinforcement projects in cold regions, a new type of permeable layer can be formed, and its function is to cut off the seepage up, so that the water in the lower soil cannot supply the unsaturated soil layer above it.

The advantages of geotextiles for roadbed reinforcement projects:

Light weight, good overall continuity, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, good resistance to microbial erosion, and convenient construction. Small pore diameter, good permeability, soft texture, and good combination with soil.

Geotextiles are used for laying construction of roadbed reinforcement projects:

(1) Lay the entire section according to the bottom width of the embankment.

(2) Leave sufficient anchorage length on each side of the embankment.

(3) In order to ensure the integrity, when the lap joint method is used continuously, the lap joint length should be 0.3 ~ 0.5m. In the seam method, the bonding width shall not be less than 50mm.

(4) During on-site construction, material damage must be repaired immediately. The upper and lower joints should be alternately staggered, and the staggered length should not be less than 0.5m.

(5) Try to avoid prolonged exposure and exposure to the sun.

In addition, geotextiles can also effectively prevent many roadbed hazards such as: slurry. This is a kind of foundation soil under the repeated action of dynamic load, the soil pore water pressure increases until the soil strength cannot be restrained, and then the soft soil can be squeezed into the coarse-grained soil layer under the action of the seepage force caused by the hydraulic slope, which is called coarse-grained soil. If the soil is polluted, it can pop up in the coarse-grained layer when it is serious.


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