Drainage board with filter fabric

Performance of Drainage board with filter fabric:

Drainage performance: The Drainage board with filter fabric can quickly discharge rainwater, effectively relieving the pressure on the roof caused by rainfall.
Water storage performance: absorb and store the excess water seeped from the planting layer, and replenish plant water when the soil is short of water, improving the drought resistance of plants.
Heat insulation performance: the water storage in the composite drainage board is at the bottom of the planting layer and does not like direct sunlight, forming a cool space to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer.
Safety performance: The composite drainage board(prefabricated drainage mat) itself is light in weight and will not increase the weight of the roof structure.
Environmental protection performance: 100% recycling and reuse, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
Load-bearing performance: The Drainage board with filter fabric can bear up to 80 tons per square meter, which is suitable for creating various landscapes on it.
Low-cost performance: low weight, easy installation, short construction period, greatly reducing construction and maintenance costs.

Six advantages of Drainage board with filter fabric system:

【1】Good drainage effect
It is made of high-density polyethylene and resin through blistering, hot-melting, and compounding at one time, and has a good drainage effect.
【2】It is not necessary to set up a slope
The roof of the underground garage is divided by area, and the infiltration water can be collected and discharged in an organized manner by laying special drainage channels.
【3】Puncture-resistant plant roots
High-density polyethylene is a raw material that does not contain plant-friendly substances, and its density is very high. The composite protective drainage profiled sheet produced from this material can construct a good root puncture resistance layer.
【4】Short construction period and low cost.
【5】Realize the recycling of rainwater and irrigation water.

The color of TINM sheet drain can be customized:

drainage board with filter fabric

The width and length of TINM Drainage board with filter fabric can be customized:

Width: 1.5m-3m
Length: 10m-30m/roll


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