Application of composite drainage boards in Australian Retaining walls

Retaining walls are an essential component of modern architectural design, and the importance of proper water drainage cannot be understated. In Australia, retaining walls are common in landscaping and construction, with the need for efficient drainage systems critical for maintaining the integrity of a structure over time.

At our company, we offer composite drainage boards that provide the perfect solution for retaining wall drainage. Our drainage composite waffle boards are made from new materials that offer six significant advantages over our competitors.

Firstly, our composite drainage boards are incredibly smooth. They feature a flat surface that eliminates the accumulation of water, making them an ideal solution. The elimination of pooling water ensures that inadequate drainage does not cause the soil behind a retaining wall to become saturated over time. This is crucial as it keeps the soil dry and eliminates issues related to water buildup, such as soil movement, which can cause significant damage to structures.

Secondly, our drainage system is highly effective, preventing water from reaching the wall’s foundation. Our drainage composite waffle board provides a lateral flow path for water, redirecting it away from the wall’s foundation and keeping soil moisture levels to a minimum. This feature is essential in areas with high rainfall, where there is a constant threat of wall failure.

Thirdly, our composite drainage boards are highly durable. We manufacture our products with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Unlike other drainage systems, our products have superior resilience to compression, making them ideal for use in high-traffic environments.

Fourthly, our composite drainage boards are made from new materials that reduce material usage and allow for increased design flexibility. The reduced material usage means that installation time and cost are significantly lower than that of other drainage systems, while the increased flexibility allows us to customize our products to meet specific project requirements.

Fifthly, our composite drainage boards feature filament geotextiles that reduce soil infiltration and promote ground stability. The geotextiles act as a protective barrier, preventing soil erosion and promoting plant growth, creating a sustainable drainage solution that benefits the environment.

Finally, our composite drainage boards provide an ideal solution for retaining wall drainage while meeting all council regulations. Our products are tested and conform to industry standards, providing reassurance that our drainage systems are of high quality and safe for use.

Recently, we provided our services to a client in Sydney who was looking for a retaining wall drainage solution for their newly constructed property. Our team visited the site and conducted a survey to determine the best solution. We recommended that they use our composite drainage boards with filament geotextiles.

drainage board with filter fabric

Construction took place over several days, and our team worked closely with the client to ensure there was minimal disruption to their property. We installed our composite drainage boards with a 1% slope to allow for proper water runoff, and the installation process was quick and efficient, reducing the overall project cost.

The result was a high-performance drainage system that met all council regulations, providing the client with complete peace of mind. Our attention to detail during the construction process ensured that the wall was protected against water damage and soil saturation, guaranteeing its longevity.

In conclusion, our composite drainage boards are a superior solution for retaining wall drainage requirements. Our materials are new, durable, and offer design flexibility while meeting all council regulations. Our attention to detail during the construction process guarantees a high-quality product that is sure to satisfy our clients’ expectations.


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