Steel Plastic Geogrid

High strength, small deformation.
Good performance for seismic waves
Excellent dimensional stability
Strong bearing capacity
High friction coefficient
Low elongation rate at break
Long service life
Easy to install


Geogrid reinforcement with steel and plastic is characterized by high corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. TINM steel plastic geogrid reinforcement is made of high strength steel coated with virgin polyethylene or high density polyethylene by special ultrasonic welding technology. Steel geogrid reinforcement is weld into longitudinal and latitudinal staggered intervals in the same planner, different wire mesh diameter and root number can be fabricated according to project reinforcement force requirement. Steel plastic geogrid features durability, higher strength, stronger bearing capacity, compact geogrid reinforcement system and excellent long-term performance. Steel plastic geogrid reinforcement can effectively enhances the bearing capacity of foundation and prevents the soil from lateral displacement due to its high friction coefficient and the bearing capacity. It is also conducive to the spread of the upper part of the base load and uniformly distributed to the underlying soft soil, so steel plastic geogrid reinforcement can even absorb the earthquake energy. It is widely used to reinforce retaining wall, slopes, roads, railways, highways and bridge abutment, etc. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, steel plastic geogrid is ideal for coastal embankment reinforcement.

Steel Plastic Geogrid Reinforcement Specifications

 Tensile Strength (kN/m)Longitudinal≥30≥40≥50≥60≥80≥100≥150
 Transverse≥30 ≥40≥50 ≥60≥80 ≥100≥150
 Elongation Rate (%) Longitudinal≤2
Strength at 1% elongation (KN/m) Longitudinal ≥20≥32 ≥40 ≥48 ≥63≥81 ≥125
Transverse≥20 ≥32 ≥40 ≥48 ≥63≥81 ≥125
Limit peel force at welded bonded point N ≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100

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