Plastic extrusion welding gun

This Plastic extrusion welding gun is composed of hot air preheating and welding rod extrusion. The hot air has adjustable electric heating temperature control and self-supplying air source. The extrusion adopts a hot air heating system, and the extrusion speed is convenient to adjust.

Plastic extrusion welding gun adopts screw feeding and high extrusion pressure. It can weld thermoplastic products such as plastic sheets and pipes, especially for sealing both ends of large-diameter winding pipes with hollow walls, welding pipe fittings and repairing damage to pipes.

Plastic extrusion welding gun

Machine parameters:

Voltage: 230V

Frequency: 50/60Hz Extruding Power:Drive Motor 1300W

Hot air drive power:1600W Wind Temperature: 20—600℃

Heating temperature while plastic extruding:200-300℃

Welding speed: 2k g /h

Diameter of Welding Rod:




Plastic extrusion welding gun Operating procedures and precautions:

1. Plug in the main power plug, install the handle, and place the welding machine on the shelf.
2. Pull the motor switch, the motor starts to rotate. If the new machine is noisy, it may be related to the vibration of the machine and the seat or the tightness of the parts inside the machine. If the motor is smooth and the internal sound disappears after feeding, it is normal.
3. After confirming that the temperature reaches the set temperature, pull the motor switch with the left hand to make it rotate, and immediately feed the welding rod to the inlet with the right hand, and the welding rod will automatically feed after feeding. At this point, pay attention to whether the material has started to discharge and whether the motor has become very difficult. When the material is empty, the motor speed is brisk, and it will become heavier after feeding. If it becomes very laborious, please stop immediately. It may be that the heating time of the screw is too short or the temperature is low.
4. Different welding methods require different welding nozzles.
5. It is necessary to press on the welder so that the welder can pressurize the weld. At the same time, the welding tip needs to be heated before starting to make the weld surface smoother. Of course, generally before the first 30-1500px, if the temperature of the welding tip is insufficient, the surface of the welding seam will appear unsmooth.
6. The welding speed, discharge, angle, and structure of the welding tip will determine the uniformity and appearance of the welding seam, but the most important point is that the temperature and air volume of the preheating hot air depend on the strength of the welding seam and the welding degree. Generally, The hot air temperature is 260-400℃. Of course, the faster the welding speed, the higher the temperature.
7. When the hot air moves with the welding machine, as long as the surface of the material to be welded can be blown by the hot air, it will become less glossy. The higher the temperature, the better the solderability is. It is very important to choose the correct temperature.
8. When replacing the poly-PTFE welding nozzle, please do not knock it hard, it is best to heat it to remove it.
9. The life of the carbon brushes of the hot air motor is about 1600 hours. Be careful to replace them in advance, and do not wait until the carbon brushes are used up.
10. Keep the preheating air filter clean.
11. When shutting down, the hot air temperature knob should be adjusted to the lowest first, and the hot air fan can be turned off after blowing for a few minutes.
12. When the machine is shut down, keep a little of the welding rod, so as not to damage the screw barrel when the extrusion screw is idling.
1 3. When the welding machine is turned on next time, the welding nozzle must be removed first, and the material must be cleared before turning on the machine.


Question: How long is the warranty period?
Answer: One year, and accessories are half price.

Accessories include:

Question:What materials can be welded? What welding rods can be used?
Answer:This machine is suitable for welding PE, PP, HDPE, PVDF materials film, and can also use electrodes made of PE and PP materials. Not suitable for welding of pvc material, if you use PVC welding rods, please buy WELDPLAST S2 PVC

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