The 3D geomat slope protection technology combines the advantages of geonets and plant slope protection, and plays the role of composite slope protection.

When the vegetation coverage rate of the slope reaches more than 30%, geomat can withstand the erosion of light rain, and when the coverage rate reaches more than 80%, geomat can withstand the erosion of heavy rain. When the plants grow luxuriantly, the runoff flow rate that can resist erosion reaches 6m/s, which is more than twice that of general turf. The existence of geomats can reduce the evaporation of water on the slope soil. At the same time, because the geomat material has the function of heat absorption and heat preservation, it can promote the germination of seeds and is beneficial to the growth of plants.

Layers 2345
Unit Weightg/m2220260350430
Tensile StrengthKN/m0.81.423.2
Color Black/Green
Carbon Black%2-3
Raw Material HDPE
Roll Sizem*m2×502×502×302×30

Question: What is the packing quantity?
Answer: The packing volume of BEM4 geomat is 8040 square meters For 40HQ, please send us an email for more data.

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