4 Paddle Wheel Aerator

2HP 1.5kw 4 Paddle Wheel Aerator

Main Parts

No. Item NameQuantity Details Functions
 1Motor 1 set2 HP/1.5KW, 3 phase, cast iron body Provide the power
 2Reducer 1 setArc-shaped bevel gear box, cast iron bodyChange the motor output rate
 3Impeller 4 pcs


Material: Engineering plastic

Splash the water and make oxygen into the water, provide enough oxygen
 4Float 3 pcs100% New materialSupport the paddle wheel aerator on the water surface
 5Bush Stand 2 pcs100% New materialSupport the Shaft
 6Shaft 2 pcs304 stainless steelTransfer the force
 7Cover 1 pcs100% New materialProtect the motor

Product Description

 1. Arc-shaped bevel gear box Save energy and  high efficiency
 2. Bevel gear material: chrome-manganese-titanium alloy steel Longer service life
 3. Mechanical seal No leakage and no pollution
 4. A protector is added to motor Prevent the motor being accidentally burned out.

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