Gabion Geomat

Reinforced Gabion Geomat adalah geosintetik yang dikombinasikan dengan jaring bronjong dan geomat. Pertanyaan perlu memberikan data terperinci seperti ketebalan jaring yang diperkuat dan bahan jaring. (Tersedia dalam warna hitam, hijau dan coklat)


Reinforced geomat are generally divided into two types:

1. Double teisted woven steel wire mesh Galvanized

2. Zn-AL coated +PVC

reinforced wheat mats are often made with 6*8 or 8*10 holes, which are mainly used for slope protection, slope protection, and ecological restoration In engineering, small holes are usually made. The characteristics and use of the reinforced mike pad 1. The reinforced geomat is a flexible structure, which can adapt to various soil properties and better integrate with it. It can adapt well to the deformation of the foundation without weakening the overall structure. It is not easy to break and damage, and it can protect the surface of the ground from wind and rain before the turf grows; 2. The reinforced geomat has certain gaps, so that dust is thrown on the surface or gap of the net pad, so as to provide for the plants. With favorable growth conditions and appropriate seeds, it can be greened. 3. The reinforced geoamt has good air permeability, which can prevent damage caused by hydrostatic pressure and ensure the stability of the embankment slope. After the water storage of the landscape engineering cascade reservoir, the bank slope structure is stable without deformation and cracks. 4. The reinforced geomat will not produce structural joints, and its overall structure has a certain degree of ductility, which can well adapt to the topography and landform of the project. After construction, the overall beauty of the bottom protection and slope protection structure is obvious.

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