how to cutting geotextile rolls?

TINM geotextiles include:PET staple fiber geotextiles, PET filament geotextiles, PP staple fiber geotextiles, and PP filament geotextiles.

Weight range:100gsm to 1000gsm

Width range: 0.1m to 6mLength range: customized according to customer requirements

In the process of serving customers by the TINM team, many customers require geotextiles with a width of 0.3m or 0.5m. Geotextiles of this size cannot be processed on conventional production lines, so TINM purchased a machine for cutting geotextiles production line, so it can meet all the size requirements of customers for geotextiles.

Geotextile 2m

geotextile 1m

Geotextile 1m

Cutting geotextile rolls


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