High strength woven polyester geotextile for driveway in the philippines

Due to polyester woven geotextile high strength and low elongation, filament high strength woven polyester geotextile can be used for  protection and reinforcement of highway projects.

High toughness: Using industrial polyester synthetic fiber as raw material, woven polyester geotextile has high strength. After being woven into a regular interwoven structure, the comprehensive bearing capacity is further strengthened.
Durability: Not easily denatured, decomposed, weathered. It maintains its original characteristics for a long time.
Corrosion resistance: High strength woven polyester geotextile has acid resistance, alkali resistance, insect resistance and mildew resistance.
Water permeability: Woven geotextile fabrics can control their structural pores to achieve water permeability.
Convenient storage and transportation: Due to its light weight and packaging as required, it is very convenient for transportation, storage and construction.

polyester woven geotextile

Mr. Ridy from the Philippines highly recognized the geotextile products and services of the TINM team, and took the initiative to introduce his highway engineering contractor  Mr. John to the TINM team. After comparing the prices of TINM High strength woven polyester geotextile, he definitely cooperated with TINM. TINM conducted live testing of skaps woven geotextile in TINM own laboratory, Including puncture strength test of woven polyester multifilament geotextile, tensile strength, elongation and so on.and all indicators satisfied Mr. John. In April, we confirmed the order.

PET Woven Geotextile for road reinforcement project in Indonesia
Total PET Woven Geotextile quantity – 224000 squares meters
PET Woven Geotextile Specifications – 1800KN/50KN
Each roll size is 5.2m*100m


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