60 mil hdpe geomembrane for landfill design

TINM geomembrane factory has 12 years of experience in geomembrane production, established cooperative relations with 86 countries, and has been widely praised by customers.
TINM received an inquiry from ASTM geomembrane in Indonesia in May. The customer requested that the geomembrane pehd 1.5mm must meet the ASTM standard. Before the order is reached, the sample needs to customer, and the order can be confirmed only after the test is qualified, and the test process needs to be broadcast live in the laboratory during the production process. , Detection indicators include tensile testing of geomembrane, geomembrane 1.5mm elongation, geomembrane 1.5mm tear resistance, geomembrane puncture resistance, oxidative induction time. The TINM team was very informative about geomembrane pe hd products and agreed to all the requirements of the customer. Then the customer confirmed the order, and the customer checked the testing data of ASTM geomembrane through live video. The customer was very satisfied with the geomembrane and looked forward to more cooperation. 

60 mil hdpe liner specifications

60 mil hdpe liner specifications

60 mil hdpe geomembrane TINM laboratory test results:

tensile testing of geomembrane

tensile testing and elongation of 60 mil hdpe geomembrane

60mil HDPE geomembrane

tear resistance of 60 mil hdpe geomembrane

geomembrane puncture resistance

puncture resistance of 60 mil hdpe geomembrane

oxidative induction time

oxidative induction time of 60 mil hdpe geomembrane

Question: What is the 60 mil hdpe liner price?
Answer: TINM is the largest geomembrane factory in China and has an absolute price advantage. Please send an inquiry to TINM team for the price.
Question: What is the 60 mil hdpe liner weight?
Answer: The weight of the 60 mil hdpe liner weight per square meter is 1.41kG.


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